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...from basic shapes to a finished comic strip. With the magic of “HAMMINATION”, see the cartoon draw itself, step by step. Learn more...

How To Get A Job In Animation (and keep it)

Learn from my successes and mistakes in my book.  The first part is about getting a job working for a Hollywood animation studio.  The second part is about being your own boss as a freelancer.  I have done both, working for Hanna-Barbera and for myself.  Learn more...


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HAMMCAM CARICATURES will keep the fun rolling at your next party or event! As

friends or colleagues gather around the computer to watch, I can see them on my studio monitor and they can actively view my caricatures come to life on their own screen. By using a digital drawing tablet and paint program, they can see the cartoon unfold, from beginning to end…. without my hand getting in the way! The completed black and white drawing will then be emailed to a printer attached to the computer at the event, or sent directly to the subject’s email address.

While other caricaturists have clients who email photos and then receive a caricature

back by email, my HammCam method “draws” on it’s entertainment value, as I am able to banter back and forth with my subjects in our live video format, while I create their unique and personalized drawing..

My HammCam Caricature will provide a great souvenir for any gathering,

convention or event because it is so interactive. Once participants see how entertaining it is to watch a caricature develop, they’ll be standing in line to have theirs drawn, too!

Have a world acclaimed animator draw caricatures at your next party, convention or event through a live video feed format...

Above, a video from Gene, explaining what you need to get started with your HammCam Caricature.

Below, screen shots of caricatures in progress, via Skype, from Gene Hamm’s vantage point. When getting your caricature drawn, your view will be reversed with your picture in the small window and the artist’s rendering in the large window.

Gene can draw people or their pets.