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(Boardwalk Empire, Person of Interest)

The Conceited Little Christmas Tree

Cartooning DVD

...from basic shapes to a finished comic strip. With the magic of “HAMMINATION”, see the cartoon draw itself, step by step. Learn more...

How To Get A Job In Animation (and keep it)

Learn from my successes and mistakes in my book.  The first part is about getting a job working for a Hollywood animation studio.  The second part is about being your own boss as a freelancer.  I have done both, working for Hanna-Barbera and for myself.  Learn more...


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Animator Gene Hamm has worked in  Hollywood and Silicon Valley on such projects as Ralph Bakshi’s Lord Of The Rings, Hanna-Barbera’s Smurfs and Superfriends, Art Clokey’s Gumby, Roger Corman’s Battle Beyond The Stars, MTV’S Liquid Television, Sega’s Dick Tracy game, and Living Books’ Arthur’s Birthday Party, Tortoise And The Hare, and Behrenstain Bears Get In A Fight.  

Independently, Gene’s own projects include the animated features The Dream Hat and Cook For Your Life. He created the instructional DVD, Cartooning Shortcuts, Formulas And Cheap Tricks, and The Professional Cartoonist Kit, and is the author of How To Get A Job In Animation And Keep It. His animated short, No Hat, No Mask, No Service, was a winner at the Big Muddy Film Festival. The Conceited Little Christmas Tree has shown at Cannes as well as film festivals as far away as Egypt and Turkey.

Gene has over 30 years experience teaching cartooning and drawing caricatures for folks who enjoy his jokes and stories about working in Hollywood. He is presently an animation instructor at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  Gene also makes time to work with “differently abled” adults creating animations and special effects films, and is currently creating a documentary, called Created Equal about the art and artists of these talented individuals at their Art Without Labels Gallery in Petaluma, CA. See trailer below.

Trailer for “Created Equal”