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...from basic shapes to a finished comic strip. With the magic of “HAMMINATION”, see the cartoon draw itself, step by step. Learn more...

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Learn from my successes and mistakes in my book.  The first part is about getting a job working for a Hollywood animation studio.  The second part is about being your own boss as a freelancer.  I have done both, working for Hanna-Barbera and for myself.  Learn more...


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For availability, contact Linda at:  hammcambookings@att.net

HammCam Rates for 8 1/2 x 11 b&w heads only:

$100/hr with a  hour minimum

Gene can draw approximately 30 caricatures per hour

A deposit of $50 is required to book your event date.

Contact Gene about multiple day event packages!

Be sure to email Gene a png or pdf of any promotional or personalization text or logo you want  placed at either top or bottom of your 8 1/2 x 11 caricatures. Please do this at least two days before the event.