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Julie Newmar

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(Boardwalk Empire, Person of Interest)

The Conceited Little Christmas Tree

Cartooning DVD

...from basic shapes to a finished comic strip. With the magic of “HAMMINATION”, see the cartoon draw itself, step by step. Learn more...

How To Get A Job In Animation (and keep it)

Learn from my successes and mistakes in my book.  The first part is about getting a job working for a Hollywood animation studio.  The second part is about being your own boss as a freelancer.  I have done both, working for Hanna-Barbera and for myself.  Learn more...


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Instructional art videos always bothered me because the artist always covered up the emerging drawing with his hand. You never really got to see how he did it. So when I created my own instructional DVD, called “Cartooning, Shortcuts, Formulas & Cheap Tricks.” I drew with my computer. My hand was never in the way, and the cartoon magically drew itself!

As a caricature artist, I have observed over many years, that the subject of the drawing never gets to see it develop. Onlookers do, and really enjoy the process, but the subject only sees the finished product.

With today’s technology and video chatting, I can now use my computer and graphics tablet to draw black and white caricatures of anyone, and EVERYONE can see them develop in real time! Parties, events and conventions are the perfect gatherings for these comical drawings. Using my HammCam concept, caricatures can be live, any time, anywhere!